For usage and required approvals

Please Note: To view and download University marks and logos, please visit our website ( and click on the “Download” section of this website. You will need sign in with your user ID and password prior to obtaining access to this page, if you do not have a username, please contact The University of Iowa Trademark Licensing Program at 319-384-2000, or email

Whom to Contact
Official BusinessUse of Seal by University-affiliated units and departments for presidential and regental uses, officially sponsored University events, official University business.Limited use; email for detailsTrademark Licensing Office
Student UseProhibited.ProhibitedOffice of the VP and Secretary of the University…. WHO?
Commercial ProductsUse of Seal on commercial products for saleApproval RequiredTrademark Licensing Office
OtherAll other uses of SealApproval RequiredTrademark Licensing Office and Scott Ketelsen
Commercial UseCommercial use of logos on merchandise sold for profit.Approval RequiredTrademark Licensing Office
On Gifts & PremiumsUse of name or logos on merchandise given away or used for internal University functionsApplication and review required and items must be purchased from a licensed vendorTrademark Licensing Office
Official BusinessUse of name or logos in letterhead design, business cards, official University publications, course materialsApproval RequiredScott Ketelsen
Outside VendorsUse of name or logos by local businesses, vendors, suppliers and contractorsGenerally prohibited, except as a factual reference to a relationship with the University.Trademark Licensing Office and Scott Ketelsen
Advertising, Endorsements, and FundraisingAdvertising, Sponsorship, Endorsements, and Fundraising Use of name or logos in advertising, sponsorship, endorsement or fundraising activities by an entity outside the UniversityApproval Required. Must complete a Promotional Limited Licensing ApplicationTrademark Licensing Office
Sponsored ActivitiesUse of name or existing logos for advertising of official activities or programs approved or sponsored by the UniversityApproval RequiredTrademark Licensing Office
Student UseOfficial UI student organizations may use select UI logos for internal use, philanthropic causes, fundraisers, and resaleApproval Required. Must complete a Student Organization Application & AgreementTrademark Licensing Office and the head of the department associated with the student organization
Student Use—Business CardsApproved for current UI students when printed at approved vendorApproval RequiredTrademark Licensing Office
Political CampaignQuestions regarding use of name in a political campaignGenerally prohibited. email for details.Trademark Licensing Office
Filming & PhotographyFilming and photography on campusApproval RequiredTrademark Licensing Office
OtherPartnerships and affiliations not governed by other University mechanismsConsultation requestedTrademark Licensing Office


If you have any further questions about the usage and required approvals for the University marks and logos, please contact us at 319-384-2000, or email