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Permissions Guide

For usage and required approvals Please Note: To view and download University marks and logos, please visit our website (www.uilicensing.com) and click on the “Download” section of this website. You will need sign in with your user ID and password prior to obtaining access to this page, if you do not have a username, please [...]

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Vertically Integrated Licensees

Policy At times a licensee may find it beneficial to vertically integrate its business. For these licensees who produce, market, and sell their own products to the retail marketplace, at the end of each quarter a royalty payment equal to the amount of twelve percent (12%) of the total retail price of Iowa goods sold [...]

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Use of University Trademarks for Sponsorships

Background The University of Iowa owns and controls its name(s) and other marks, logos, insignias, seals, designs and symbols that have become associated with the institution. The University of Iowa has established a licensing program to protect the name and identifying marks of the university and to prohibit the unauthorized use of university marks on [...]

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The Hawkeyes and Herky

“The University of Iowa borrowed its athletic nickname from the state of Iowa many years ago. The name Hawkeye was originally applied to a hero in a fictional novel, The Last of the Mohicans, written by James Fenimore Cooper. Cooper had the Delaware Indians bestow the name on a white scout who lived and hunted [...]

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The Tigerhawk

The legend of the Iowa Tigerhawk began in May of 1979. As part of a plan to reinvigorate the image of The University of Iowa football program, incoming head coach Hayden Fry announced that the stylish black-and-gold uniforms of the Super Bowl Champion Pittsburg Steelers would be the prototype for his team’s new gear. With [...]

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ANF Logo

It was 1985 and Hayden Fry, the Hawkeyes head coach, was making good on his promise to the fans; deliver a winning football team. However, as bright as that year was for Hawkeye fans who came from towns and cities from miles around to fill the stadium, it wasn't as bright for Iowa’s other die-hard [...]

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FRYfest was created in 2009 as a collaborative effort between the Iowa City/Coralville Area Convention & Visitors Bureau, the City of Coralville, and the University of Iowa Athletics to kick-off the Hawkeye football season. The event is named after one of the greatest Hawkeyes of all time and the man who is responsible for bringing [...]


The Heroes Game

Some play for axes, little brown jugs and even a milk can. Others engage in “battles” and “holy wars.” Still more play for cups of a myriad of shapes and sizes and names. The football teams from the University of Iowa and the University of Nebraska square off in a long, competitive, and entertaining rivalry [...]

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