When purchasing any University of Iowa product, always “Look for the Label…”

When people look at The University of Iowa trademarks, they do not just see logos. They see degrees, and instructors, Herky the Hawk, and legendary coaches, athletic events and the Old Capitol. To them, The University of Iowa trademarks represent the sums of many cherished memories, events, experiences and relationships associated with their beloved Iowa Hawkeyes and The University of Iowa.

In a sense, the University’s trademarks speak on the University’s behalf without saying a word. They represent who we are and what we stand for. They are a visual representation of the University’s reputation.

With the return of each school year and subsequent athletic seasons, concerns regarding unlicensed counterfeit merchandise returns. As an alum, fan, or supporter of The University of Iowa and Iowa Athletics, we need your help to eliminate any proliferation of unlicensed counterfeit merchandise. Always, “Look for the Label!”

Why does it matter to “Look for the Label…”and only buy Officially Licensed University of Iowa products?

  • Any use of word marks, trademarks, logos, and/or symbols associated with The University of Iowa without permission is a violation of state and federal laws. Simply stated, anyone producing and/or knowingly selling unlicensed products is a criminal.
  • Licensing Revenue garnered from officially licensed goods and services benefits The University of Iowa.
  • Licensed Vendors have met the criteria necessary to have obtained permission to produce products associated with The University of Iowa.
  • Licensed Vendors are required to agree to The University of Iowa Code of Conduct and join the Fair Labor Association (www.fairlabor.org) in an effort to insure that products are made in acceptable conditions and circumstances by the workers who make them.
  • Licensed Vendors are required to carry product liability insurance that indemnifies and protects The University of Iowa.
  • Licensed Product will have been reviewed and approved, thus meeting the standards of quality and appropriateness befitting The University of Iowa’s reputation and association.

So how do you tell if the product is licensed or not?

  • “Look for the Label…”  A CLPA label will appear on the packaging or tag of licensed product ready to be purchased. Each CLPA label is a unique identifier that can be traced to its source.  The CLPA labels are only available to officially licensed University vendors from a single source supplier.
  • Buy your University of Iowa products from established reputable sources. It is highly unlikely that the product is officially licensed if it comes from a lone street vendor selling out of a bag or a social media posting. Don’t purchase unlicensed merchandise, and if you find it, please call our Trademarks & Licensing Office at 319-384-2000 or submit the violation on our website (Link) Always, “Look for the Label”  
  • On football game days, the Hawkeye Fan Shop has exclusive rights to sell merchandise on University property. ANYONE not associated with the Hawkeye Fan Shop selling on University property near Kinnick Stadium is not authorized to do so and likely selling unlicensed illegal merchandise. Report any such activity to the authorities.
  • If you are uncertain or have questions, contact the University of Iowa Trademarks and Licensing office.  Your inquiry is welcomed and we can confirm if the product you are considering has been licensed by the University.
  • We ENCOURAGE entrepreneurs interested in learning more about how to apply to become licensed to visit our website.  uilicensing.com



  • Size: Measures 3 7/8” x 1 7/8”
  • Required Use? Ideally designed for apparel. Also appropriate for non-apparel items that have an area upon which to attach a hangtag.


Standard Label

  • Size: Measures 1 1/2” x 3/4”
  • Required Use? Must be used on all non-apparel products and affixed either to the product or packaging. In addition, may be affixed to an existing hangtag used by apparel licensees.


Small Label

  • Size: 1cm x 1cm
  • Required Use? May be used only on smaller products with written approval from CLPA.